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Kinorigo is an established industry authority on all types of stone. Recognising its unrivalled appeal, we take pride in supply and machining of the very finest natural and man-made stone for interior and exterior applications. We readily accommodate bespoke work, and every project is approached with a thoroughness that ensures success.

Based on the strength of family values, Kinorigo delivers a friendly and efficient service to customers nationwide, and enjoys steady growth, operating from an extensive facility in the midlands.


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  • We drive innovation
  • We work together
  • We focus on our clients
  • We want to help create beautiful spaces
  • We deliver commercial success
  • We always want to learn more
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Kinorigo service is based on experience. Over 30 years experience in the industry underpins a level of expertise that makes our offer of support more than just a sales promise. Meaningful project advice and reliable technical assistance is available to you over the phone, in your office, or on site.

Our sample service will assist your selection process, and is said to be one of the most comprehensive sampling services in the UK. We will provide specially assembled selection boards of your preferred options, or whole tiles of specific materials. And to ensure lasting satisfaction, we select specific installation and maintenance accessories for your project that will best complement your choice of materials.



Kinorigo tiles are created with natural sustainable materials and do not release any substances into the environment. They can be easily milled and recycled in other production cycles, ensuring that waste material is reusable.

Production of Panorama tiles is also respectful of the environment, using sustainable technology that is designed to reduce processing waste to a minimum and limit the use of resources. The use of hybrid kilns combining gas and electricity significantly reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, making every stage of the Panorama life cycle an ecofriendly one.