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Who we work with

Kinorigo specializes in tackling large luxury projects in search of top quality solutions. When you’ve imagined it, we can help you bring your design to life.


You know what you want, we will help provide that for you.

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Interior Designers

Design is important to you, we help you bring them to life.

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Cost effective products for time sensitive problems.

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From our warehouse to your curbside, our timescales can match your urgency.

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Projects We're Best At


At Kinorigo we are used to working with large scale projects. So if you need products for 200 hotel suites, it's right up our street.

Commercial Settings

Safety is important, maintenance is important, your customers are important. Your interior settings need luxury products that look great and are worry free.

Bespoke Projects

Working in unique settings means you need great products. Our team has years of experience with grand spaces, staircases and all things bespoke.

100m2 PLUS

At Kinorigo we are used to working on large scale projects. So if you need 100 hotel suites tiling, it's right up our street.

Our Mission

To guide our clients to achieve their project vision with our products.

We are here to provide assistance, consistent communication and offer inspiration with a smile.