Antibacterial Technology

Did you know, there is more bacteria on one hand than there are people on earth?

Fear not, Kinorigo has a few ranges that will help prevent growing bacteria! A brilliant solution to a stylish commercial area, a whole manner of individuals will pass through, walk on or eat in – don’t worry there is a way to avoid all those germs from spreading and producing nasty smells in between cleans.

As we all know, bacteria can multiply extremely fast on an unprotected surface, especially in environments such as hospitals, nursing-homes, schools and even in the home. Kinorigo now have several ranges of porcelain that have a special antibacterial technology embedded into the tiles. This brilliantly engineered technology prevents the growth of bacteria on the surface of the tiles, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. This innovative antibacterial shield eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria on the surface. The technology provides long-lasting protection against wear and tear, adjustable climatic conditions and repeated cleans in any environment these tiles are laid.

The technology isn’t there to replace any cleaning regime but offers an added layer of protection between cleans. Although the anti-bacterial qualities are surface based, the technology runs all the way through the tile. It is planted within the tile during the production process, meaning it is distributed evenly within the fabric of each tile meaning it cannot simply be washed away and nor can it wear down over time. The characteristics within each tile begin working immediately stopping each tiny piece of bacteria from growing and reproducing.

Together with regular cleaning these antibacterial tiles help to improve levels of hygiene and reduce the risks of cross-contamination. Under-going regular tests for safety as well as efficiency this technology has been approved by the Biocidal Product Directive, making it an entirely safe product to use.

Products with antibacterial protection:

Element – not the grip finish

Torre – not flamed finish