Bank of Montreal

Just over 200 years have passed since the Bank of Montreal opened its doors for the first time. The year was 1817, a small team of nine merchants came together, pooling their accumulative wealth in the hope of starting Montreal’s first financial institution. Raising just over £250,000, a staggering sum of money back in 1817, the bank’s founders explored ways in which they could serve their nation and make a significant contribution to the economic life of the Canadian provinces.

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At the same time, across the North Atlantic Ocean, the Napoleonic wars raged throughout Europe. The cost of war between France and Britain served to bolster the Canadian economy, as the British government placed vast orders for Canadian timber; the essential building material used to construct the world’s most elite sea force. Subsequently, thousands of migrants flocked to Montreal, lured by this unprecedented economic surge.

The stage was set, the bank’s founders were now perfectly placed to help fund innovative new projects regarding infrastructure, communication & transport. The merchants funded Canada’s first major canal system, the first railroad system, the first telegraph system and by 1859, only 37 years after its charter, Bank of Montreal was the largest financial institution in Canada, the third largest in North America.

Starting with a single branch in a small house, the bank now employs over 45,000 staff, in 900 branches, serving 7 million customers annually and managing assets in excess of $367 billion.

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The entire project from concept to completion took four months and we finished on time and on budget. We look forward to collaborating on future projects with TP Bennett & Sharkey and the Bank of Montreal in the near future.

In 2017 Kinorigo worked alongside renowned architect’s TP Bennett & Sharkey Construction in order to refurbish the banks Edinburgh branch. In keeping with the banks clean-cut brand, TP Bennett opted for a classic white marble finish. Working with the designers, Kinorigo proposed a large format porcelain that brilliantly mimics the most beautiful and bold Italian marble, Statuario.

In addition to creating the flawless, full height feature wall, the skilled installation team fully clad the bespoke reception desk, complete with cleverly mitered corners creating a monolithic masterpiece.

marble reception desk with wooden panels

The main floor and associated corridors were tiled with the same material, creating a seamless, clean aesthetic throughout the bank’s interior. The design intent being ‘continuity through design’ one finish, flowing across walls, through furniture, and over floors.

Working within these types of projects, handling these types of products, delivering world-class interior finishes, Kinorigo continues to solidify their reputation as master installers.

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