Basins to go with your vanity unit

Last month we looked at creating a great vanity unit made from Porcelain, now lets look at the sink options available to complete your unit. Once again, Kinorigo will help you with your design needs, drawings and recommendations should you need them – give us a call and have a chat about your project.

At Kinorigo we have a few different ideas for a sink, whether you’re in need of 300 basins or 10, you can decide what your preferences are from the choices below, however if you have a new innovative idea for a bespoke design we would love to hear from you, to help come up with a solution for you!

Firstly an explanation of the Alape sinks on offer. These are sectioned out into how they attach to your vanity unit, including; built in, under mounted, dish and sit on – see further information on these below. Each Alape Basin is made from glazed steel, you’re probably thinking ‘what? a steel basin?!’ But rest assured, this material allows the sinks to maintain a unique precision you simply can’t get with a ceramic alternative. The steel is light, but extremely robust and the glass-like glaze coating is almost impossible to chip or scratch. On the inside of each basin is a special sound muffling material, so you won’t get a tinny sound when you turn on the tap.

Built in – A sink that is ‘built in’ generally has a small lip that curls over the edge of the hole created in the vanity, this will sit on the top of the surface of your porcelain counter top. The inside of the porcelain you’ve chosen is hidden with a built in basin, so any tile will do.

Under mount – A full bodied tile is recommended for pairing with an under mounted sink as you may be able to see the inside of the tile you’ve chosen. An under mounted sink is rather self explanatory, the basin is mounted from underneath – where there is a hole just the right size for it. This is a brilliant option for when you want the top of your vanity to appear seamless, or don’t have any room on the top!

Dish – A dish basin looks just like a bowl, rounded or squared off and appears to simply be sitting on the top of the unit. The only hole you’ll need in the vanity is for the waste pipe.

Sit on – Very similar to a dish basin except these tend to have a vertical edge that is at a 90 degree angle to the vanity. Again, these appear to just be sitting on top of the vanity unit and sometimes have small raise in the basin meaning they can look as though they are sitting slightly higher than the surface.

Now you know a bit about the Alape sinks, here is another way to have a vanity unit like no other – why not have a sink built fully out of the same porcelain as the vanity? You could have five sinks in your stylish commercial washroom. That’s not all, what about a shower made from that marble look you’ve always dreamt of? Take your interior designing to the next level – even the drainage can be made from the same stuff. Contact us for more information on this – the possibilities are endless.