Best Italian Floor Tiles for New Luxury Builds


Porcelain tile manufacturers will offer tiles with a variety of slip resistances. By finishing the surface of a tile, manufacturers can control factors such as how much grip is offered. These finishes can often affect the visual dynamics of the floor, depending on the severity of the finish applied, having a substantial impact on the floors safety rating.

For wet areas consider tiles that exceed a PTV rating of +36.

Given the wide array of anti-slip finishes available today, slip-resistance no longer means abandoning the quality of visual performance.

Request PTV values from your supplier when specifying your preferred floor finish.

slip resistant porcelain floor tiles indoor pool area

Lighting and Large Format

Like many construction materials, porcelain works well with recessed lighting, offering dynamic visual control for inspiring effects. Large, seamless porcelain tiles are available to blend the visual tone of floor and wall, and can be made to imitate the look and feel of marble, granite, obsidian or other natural stone.

dining area with tall ceiling and statement light feature over dining table

Weight and Thickness

Sometimes the building mechanics call for lightweight solutions. Although standard porcelain tiles are often lighter in weight than other flooring options, in some luxury new builds it is necessary to go a step further and enter the realm of featherweight design.

In our Italian porcelain floor tile range, we have several ultra-light weight options. The marbled Absolute range – available in bright white, moody darks, and heavily veined Silver Travertine – is a good place to start. These offer a classic range of Italian designs with minimal weight.

For a subtle, colourful twist on the marble theme, Absolute Alps and Onyx infuse the tiles with organic hues that resonate the ancient geology of the Alpine and Dolomite regions that gave Italy so much of its unique classical stone.

marble spiral staircase flooring

Closing Thoughts

Luxury new builds are likely to feature porcelain, demand for it is high, and the combination of quality and versatility makes it a preferred choice for designers and architects.

Your tile supplier will be able to give advice on slip-resistance, size and formats, possible designs, M40 specifications and weight.

Porcelain does not just aim to recreate luxury materials, it is a luxury material.

If you’d like to learn more about our Italian tile range please get in touch. One of our team is always available to help.