Best Places to Buy Porcelain Tiles for New Properties

Versatile, cost effective and visually stunning, porcelain tiles offer an inspiring luxury finish to any new property.

Unsurprisingly, with designers looking for increasingly natural effects and project managers looking to balance quality with cost, there has been an overnight mushrooming of new porcelain companies.

It can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Here is an insider’s guide to the features that can help ensure a successful project conclusion.

1) Range

If a company has invested in the latest in design technology, the range should be extensive. This is only possible when there is a blend of creativity and technology. A company that anticipates client needs and works with clients to develop an extensive catalogue, is likely to have the expertise to help with novel design solutions for high-end residential projects.

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2) Influence

Ideally, look for a company that works with both natural and crafted materials, and who can advise on features such as texture, reflection of light, tone, and richness. If there is a seamless interplay within the company between natural materials and porcelain tiles, the result will be increased attention to detail on all flooring materials.

3) Communication

Industry competition means that luxury flooring has become a bespoke skill. Whether it is a question of weight tolerances in new properties, slip-resistance, or recessed lighting, a company needs to be passionate about communicating the details to their clients.

Whatever your query, you should expect a personalised response. A helpful answer on the phone, followed by detailed emails, free samples, and visits to a showroom, are all signs that a company cares about its clients. You should also expect design and layout drawings to be provided to help with visualisation and budget calculations.

This level of attention means that projects will be fully-informed, and you will find the best porcelain tiles for your development.

4) Experience

Porcelain tile manufacturers with extensive portfolios will help you avoid costly delays and mishaps. Why? Because a history of happy clients and varied projects make it more likely you will receive the quality and service you require.

Testimonials are great but the best way to check the quality is by visiting a manufacturer’s or supplier’s showroom, and to ask practical questions regarding guarantees and M40 specifications. A good company will bend over backwards to prevent any tarnished work.

Don’t choose a supplier until you have personally inspected their workmanship. It ispossible to order porcelain tiles from third parties online, but this is risky in all projects, and particularly where the parameters are tight. Poorly manufactured tiles may be warped or bent and by the time they have made their way to site it is often too late to solve the problem.

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Find Out More

Increasing numbers of architects and designers are recognising that porcelain tiles offer a quality flooring solution for luxury and bespoke residential properties. At Kinorigo, we are committed to providing the highest level of quality, service, and attention to detail. When it comes to porcelain flooring for new properties, expertise in design is everything. For more information, give us a call, and one of our team will be happy to share their knowledge.