Book Matched Marble Porcelain


book matched porcelain over marble effect background

Natural marble is not just beautiful, but also extremely versatile and can jazz up any space. I’m sure you’ve heard that when you slice up a block of marble the pattern is reversible and you can create a stunning mirrored pattern with the veining – this is called book matching. This month we’re not focusing on natural marble (although if you do want a natural book matched marble we can definitely help you there call us or browse our lovely marbles) but introducing you to the pleasant looks of our large marble porcelain slabs which, as you might have guessed, are available for book matching!

The largest marble slabs are the ones that have been created just for book matching – these are from the panorama range. A range of extra large, extra thin porcelain slabs that mimic natural stone perfectly. You can view the range here, not all of them are available for book matching, here at the ones that are; Absolute Bianco, Absolute Calacatta and Absolute Statuario

The best thing about having this porcelain option is you can have the same slab each time, so you’ll know exactly what it looks like. Imagine a floor to ceiling book matched marble, there as soon as you walk into that hotel reception, pretty stunning right? Another great thing about these tiles is they are available as a butterfly matched too.

How it works

You might be wondering how this works when there is no such thing as a block of marble porcelain, so here’s how it works. Each of these panorama ranges have one tile that also has a mirrored version of that tile too, one is called ‘block A’ and one is ‘block B’. Then you put block A next to block B and voila, you have book matched marble. These can only come in one size; 3000 x 1500 – perfect for that big impact you’re looking for.

Extra Tip: You can rotate and turn each tile round to make a butterfly match.