Christmas feedback

Merry Christmas
It’s beginning to look a lot like… You know the song, and it’s been looking like that for a while now, but we’ve still got new things for you even while entering these cold winter months. Maybe you could team your tile with some underfloor heating, but the main thing is you have a great looking floor, wall or outdoor area, isn’t it?

At Kinorigo we’re always trying to improve things, so as the year draws to a close, we would love your feedback – so look out for our prize draw coming in January. But for now since it is a time of celebration, and we always want to help you. I spoke to a few of the workers here at Kinorigo about what their favourite tile is at the moment and why, so if you’re just not sure which is the best tile for you then take some of this handy advice from the team.

Dannys Danny – Project Consultant

Favourite Tile: Legno Scolpito Driftwood

“This is a very realistic wood-look porcelain that ticks so many boxes. It is Aesthetically pleasing to look at, goes with so many different designs and has a plus 36 slip rating. The range also comes in just one size and finish – simple”

Danny’s recommended use – “Anywhere! It looks simple magnificent in so many environments – I have had it used in a few different places; receptions, hallways, residential rooms and staircases, outdoor terraces, bathrooms, kitchens, even to form a ‘groyne’ effect in a holiday resort swimming pool.”

Pair with: “It goes with so many this is hard to choose, but the obvious choice is the Terra Firma Atmosphere range. This range is 200 x 200 tiles which fits perfectly with the Legno planks, and can be used at liberty throughout the area.”

Rorys Rory – Project Consultant

Favourite Tile: Archipietra Dusk Polished

“I like this product because it closely resembles Tuscan Limestone, very smart but homely too.”

Rory’s recommended use – “This porcelain tile would work well on a residential kitchen floor or a dining area.”

Pair with: “I would use this in conjunction with Technical Marble Statuario on the wall.”

agarian latte floor tiles Chloe – Operations Manager
Favourite Tile: Agrarian Latte Polished“I love this product because it is extremely varied for a porcelain tile, which gives it a premium natural stone look – you can also get this tile in large format – 895 x 445mm.”Chloe’s recommended use – “Use this product in a large living area, especially Kitchens, lounges or bathrooms.”
Sams Sam – Project Consultant

Favourite Tile: Absolute Onyx
“A very distinct, unique blend of colours that give a precious stone look with is quite breath-taking. Another plus to this range of porcelain is the very large format tiles available.”Sam’s recommended use – “Feature walls in bathrooms, hotel receptions, use for a classy bath panel, or large format floor and wall tiling in high end residential houses or hotels.”

Pair with: Sam recommends pairing Absolute Onyx with Vesuvi, which has a wonderful array of colours and patterns and will compliment the Onyx perfectly. Also a great choice wherever there is a strict budget.

Gavs Gavin – Managing Director

Favourite Tile: Halcyon Wheat“Looks so much like natural stone – Limestone inparticular. Halcyon is available in very large pieces but is surprisingly still easy to handle.”

Gavin’s recommended use – “Halcyon is great for large areas in high end residential and commercial, especially features walls with a floor that blends with the same tile”

Pair with: Any tile from the Panorama range in 5mm thick.

Clares Clare – Graphic Design/Marketing Manager

Favourite Tile: Grove English Walnut

“I love the dark tones in this stylish wood porcelain tile, it’s full of character and comes in a brilliant range of sizes. The knots in the wood are crystal clear making the finished look beautifully authentic.”

Clare’s Recommended use – “The 2cm option for this range means you can have a wood look porcelain patio area in a high end spa, another great thing is you can use these tiles as a pool surround too!”

Pair with: “A neutral grey tile on the walls such as Calma Grey 800 x 800 to match the Grove 1800 x 800 tile, or pair with a classy white marble.”

Sharons Sharon – Administration Assistant

Favourite Tile: Agrarian Latte and Caramel“These tiles have a stunning natural vein cut look which adds distinction to any project while having the brilliant qualities of a Porcelain.”

Sharon’s recommended use “This product would create a great impact in an entrance hall or bathroom.”

Seans Sean – Project/Purchasing Manager

Favourite Tile: Corfe Beige

“This is a lovely looking tile and is very cost effective. I’ve used this tile on two projects already.”

Sean’s recomended use – “Lay on the flooring of any domestic kitchen.”

Pair with: “I would say use this product with a darker grout – Cement grey for example.”

Victorias Victoria – Administration Manager

Favourite Tile: Rustic Wood Chalk

“I like this tile because it has a simple style and feel with clean lines.”

Victoria’s recommended use – “This porcelain is great for any interior or exterior applications”