Designing on a Budget

At Kinorigo, we know how important it is for you to achieve a finish that meets your highest expectations. Remaining within budget without compromising on value can also be a big concern, but believe it or not when it comes to price you don’t have to sacrifice good quality. Always having to spend hundreds on the designs you want doesn’t need to be the case – so here we’ve put together a useful list of tiles we have available that are below £25 per square metre. This list has a whole range of options including natural stone along with porcelain alternatives that look just as great. These are only a selection of the options we have, there are plenty more tiles under £25 per metre sq so don’t be limited by these options, simply get in touch and one of the team will help you find what you need.

*Please be aware not every size within each range will always be under £25

1. Regency Black Slate


To add to this excitement, the first on the list is a slate. How brilliant to have a natural stone within reach under £25 (per metre sq)! Slate can look great in the kitchen at home or in large commercial areas. As you probably know, natural stone always has natural variants from tile to tile so Regency Black can be the perfect choice when you want an interesting finish.

Regency Black

2. Technical Marble Porcelain Stone

marble bathroom looking out at lake

For when the budget is running low but it simply has to look top notch. Technical Marble achieves the appearance of marble without producing a huge hole in your pocket. The range mimics Statuario (image above), Carrara and Calacatta marbles, so you pretty much have any option you need here.

Technical Marble Technical Data

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3. Forest Porcelain Wood

forest porcelain wood flooring with decorative shelves

Now onto wood porcelain, this is a new and exciting range with six different colours. The colour you see in the image above is a mixed colour, you will get natural looking variations in shade meaning the porcelain is more wood-like than ever. Forest is so new it isn’t even on our website yet, please email or phone us to request extra information.

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4. Terra Firma Porcelain Stone

Moroccan pattern style floor tiles

Following on from the lovely Porcelain Wood option, above we have some exciting patterned Moroccan style porcelain tiles which paired with the wood can make an extremely stylish look – and of course under £25 per metre squared! Terra Firma comes in six different colours mimicking the texture of concrete and nine different square 200 x 200mm patterned tiles.

Terra Firma Technical Data

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5. Parete Porcelain Stone

parete porcelain tiles in bathroom

Finally, when you need a helpful low maintenance durable porcelain with some classic character to it, Parete is the perfect choice under a small budget. With four different colours and a slightly travertine look, Parete can help bring your designs to life.

Parete Technical Data

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