Featured Product: Pazzo Porcelain

This month, we’re delighted to feature our Pazzo range of terrazzo-inspired porcelain tiles. Terrazzo is a composite stone made of marble, quartz or granite chips set within a cement, resin or polymer base. The terrazzo is cured and cut into tiles or slabs of the appropriate size, then ground and polished to a high finish. Terrazzo is a timeless and elegant material, often used as flooring in classical-inspired and art deco projects. The composition and density of the marble chips can be varied to give a near infinite variety of colour, hue and character to the stone.

Our Pazzo range faithfully reproduces the individuality of terrazzo stone on a hard-wearing ceramic surface, using genuine marble and gemstone effect fragments for added authenticity. The result is a versatile, durable porcelain that captures the interaction of light and colour that characterises genuine terrazzo, with the benefits of straightforward installation and maintenance – and a lower cost.

Pazzo tiles are produced in Italy, meeting Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design(LEED) and Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) standards for sustainable manufacturing.

pazzo porcelain floor tiles in long gallery

Design Applications

Unlike terrazzo, which can be delicate, heavy and difficult to transport, Pazzo tiles are lightweight and easy to lay, making them suitable for walls, furnishings and ceiling covers as well as flooring. Lacking the fragility and vulnerability to the elements of natural marble terrazzo, Pazzo can be used in both outdoor and indoor design. This gives designers great flexibility when planning continuity of design through different areas of a building.