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Have you browsed through the products we offer recently? You’ll be pleased to know there are more products than ever before. If you didn’t know about the great way you can use the new filters on our website – read on!

You won’t have to trawl through millions of products, all you need to do is filter them. Filters include colour, suitability, finish, price, material, size and slip resistance. So if there’s even a smidgen of an idea of what you want, you can filter out the tiles that definitely aren’t for you.

Where to find the filters

When you’re browsing the site, you can see there is a list to the left of the products under ‘refine‘ you can select as many filters as you want from as many sections as you want.


Colour – This one is self explanatory, but be aware of the slight different shades of grey. If you’re looking for a beige or a grey tile it’s best to add in the grey/beige colour option too, as you might find what you want in there and you don’t want to miss out!

Suitability – So you’re looking for a tile to laid on the steps up to a fabulous hotel shower, you know you’ll need a tile that is suitable for wet areas and interior use as well as offering step tread options. just head over to the filters and select interior, wet areas and stairs – voila!

Finish – You don’t have much of an idea of what you want but you know you love shiny tiles where you can see the reflection of your face in them. Select the polished finish under the finish option.

Price – Again, quite self explanatory but be aware there may be only some specific size/finish options within the range that come within the price bracket you’ve selected, always make sure to use the price calculator on each product page to find out the cost of your desired finish and size. The prices you see on the website are without delivery and can vary depending on the quantity you order.

Material – If you have a desired material, for example you know you want the ease that comes with a porcelain tile – this is the filter you need. Remember – Panorama tiles are porcelain too, large, thin format tiles. So make sure you select this when looking for a porcelain tile.

Size – Simply sectioned out into small, medium, large and panorama. The largest panorama size is 3000 x 1500 so if you’re looking for these large format tiles then make sure you select panorama.

+36 Slip Resistance – It has been known that many large scale projects require a +36 PTV rating on the floor. This filter helpfully removes any tiles that aren’t above 36 in the wet. Remember this will only apply on certain finishes in the ranges, polished tiles won’t appear.

Other interesting features include: List view, 3 across view, ordering by price, colour white to black or black through to white, as well as ordering from a-z. Find these icons at the top of the page when you’re browsing. Happy filtering!

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