Cost to Install Porcelain Tile Floors: is It Worth the Investment?

Architectural project management never looks simple, even on paper. Notorious for wild variances between Earned Value and Actual Cost, architectural project management involves some of the most complex decisions.

Informed decision-making can save many headaches.

If you are considering porcelain tiles for your project, whether that’s a commercial space or a private property, here’s an insider’s glimpse into what the investment really means.

porcelain tiles in high end clothes shop

How Much Do Floors Really Cost?

Cost can be a tricky thing to calculate, like many areas within a project, flooring can be a real money-pit.

Yet while clients may want to have an authentic look and feel, they may not have the time or energy to dedicate to long-term maintenance. When looking at the cost of floors, this long-term outlook is a very important consideration. Ask clients how they feel about maintenance and cleaning, and consider how those costs add up over the years.

Porcelain is the answer for achieving luxury aesthetics with low long-term costs.

clothing rails on porcelain tile floors

Porcelain: The Math’s

Porcelain is generally more cost effective than stone and offers an unrivalled choice of options when considering texture, colour & bespoke finishes.

However, when working with porcelain, this does not mean a compromise on quality or care. Nor does it rule out specifying natural stone for key areas of the design.

As a general rule, porcelain costs about 10% of the price of natural stone.

Like every technological revolution, it is a case of using the latest techniques to get the best results. This also means that porcelain quality varies. Cheap tiles shipped in en masse from overseas factories might save a few pennies. However, for high end commercial office solutions these may not have the necessary durability or finish to ensure a long life and reliable slip resistance.

When making the calculations, ask your tile specialist for a sample so that you can check the finish and quality for yourself.

porcelain tile floors in department store leading to escalator

Think About The Whole Project

This is especially the case in areas where cleaning is crucial. Bathrooms, kitchens, and dining areas all benefit from having hygienic surfaces. Many porcelain tiles now come with Microban, an antibacterial agent that prevents bacteria from breeding. In urban developments and commercial kitchens this is paramount. For more information on the costs of porcelain tile installation, and to get specific details related to your project, please get in touch with one of our experts today.