London County Hall | Absolute Craftsmanship

The construction of London’s ‘County Hall’ was by no means ‘plain sailing’. The project started back in the summer of 1909 and was delayed from the very outset. It was quickly realised that the embankment wall of the Thames, was in no way strong enough to support the colossal foundations of the newly designed structure.

In order to fortify the wall, dams were constructed and excavations began. However, during the excavation process, the substantial remains of a Roman Galley were uncovered in the foundation bed. The vessel, carved from oak, dated back to AD 296, believed to have been sunk in the battle between Allectus and Constantius. The Galley now takes pride of place in the Museum of London. To add further interruption, WW1 started and severely delayed the amount of labour and supply of materials necessary to finish the build. It wasn’t until 13 years later, in the summer of 1922 that the building was finally finished and opened by George V.

London’s County Hall has been many things over the years, but today spanning two floors of this magnificent Victorian building, you’ll find one of London’s most impressive conferencing facilities. It’s here, at the very centre of this Iconic landmark, that Kinorigo recently completed a spectacular new project.

Using one the most innovative construction materials to date, ‘ultra large, thin format porcelain slab’, the skilled team at Kinorigo have created some exquisite furniture pieces, including reception desks, serveries, coffee points, and dining tables. These Italian porcelains mimic real marble astonishingly well. At just 6mm thick, and up to 3 metres long, these enormous slabs are expertly mitred & bonded together, then finely bevelled to fashion what looks likes monolithic blocks of stone.

Whereas real marble is susceptible to staining and aging, these porcelains are not. Heated to in-excess of 1380 degrees, these porcelains can withstand all manner of staining caused by a variety of substances, be it red wine, coffee or heavily spiced foods such as curry. It’s for this reason that Kinorigo is increasingly sought after to supply dining tables and bar tops for some of London’s finest eateries and wine bars.

The versatility of this porcelain and the unique way in which the team at Kinorigo can manufacture it, enables their in-house designers to create some truly stunning pieces of fashionable furniture.

For more information on these products, visit the Kinorigo home page and learn all about this pioneering new product called ‘Absolute’