Marble Porcelain

Marble porcelain Tiles

That’s right – let me remind you of one of the brilliant innovative inventions that the wonders of porcelain have brought us, that is – porcelain that looks like marble sometimes known as marble porcelain tiles. It doesn’t just simply ‘wear’ the look of marble, most of us can’t even tell the difference anymore.

First of all lets break down some of the types of natural marble you can get, as you probably know – there are quite a few, and if we’re going to make an exaggeration – there’s millions, there is (honest). But for now, here are some of the standard white natural marbles you can find: Carrara, Calacatta and Statuario

So now what you’ve been waiting for – some of our best porcelain that looks like marble. These have pros, and they have cons but read on, because when you’re value engineering sometimes going for a porcelain tile is just what you need to take away the risks as well as the cost.

Absolute Bianco – This one has a book matched option, so when you want that stunning look you don’t have to cut a natural slab in half you can choose from the marble porcelain slabs in this range. As you will find out, quite a few of these ranges come in very large slab sizes, for Absolute Bianco the biggest size is a whopping 3000 x 1500! The thickness of these tiles are 6mm, so they’re still possible to lift, and to be put into place.

Absolute Alps – With a scattered interesting veining this marble effect tile also comes as a thin format extra large tile. This could be mimicking a grade of carrara marble, nevertheless it is very striking.

Absolute Onyx pearl – Sorry, this one isn’t mimicking marble, but it’s in here because it is very interesting to look at and follows the theme. Onyx is such a beautiful and interesting stone, with a slightly iridescent and transparent look you would have through it couldn’t be recreated as a porcelain but here it is. This is again another panorama thin format porcelain, so as you can with the natural onyx tiles you could shine a light through it if you wanted it.

Technical Marble – This is our most cost effective marble porcelain range, it still mimics the natural stone perfectly and with a natural matt like finish as well as a high polished one available you’re spoilt for choice. This range also has some marble effect mosaics available too, a hexagon mosaic is our favourite here at Kinorigo, but there is a herringbone option, a normal square mosaic in two sizes as well as a basket weave look. These all come ready to lay on a 300 x 300 mesh.

And if you’re after even more white porcelain tiles not just the marble look ones, don’t forget you can use the brilliant filters that are on the website and filter by colour to white.

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