New sizes, thicknesses and projects.

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The ranges available to you are growing, getting bigger, getting better and have more options than ever before! To help you we have singled out some of the newer additions and changes this month.

Element is a popular tile and is now entering an exciting new phase! You can now get the whole range of colours in thin format, extra-large porcelain slabs, and not only that but some of the shades are also available in 2cm thickness. Click here for the new and updated tech sheet.

Corfe is a lovely natural range of porcelain, modelled on the beauty of English stones. Available with a tumbled edge, this porcelain now emulates Kinorigo’s indigenous stones so well. The tumbled edge pieces come as as a random pattern, meaning the natural effect is further enhanced.┬áThe sizes for this pattern are: 300 x 300, 300 x 600, 600 x 600 and 900 x 600, see how the pattern is laid out below.

Corfe pattern

Sonika is an original part of the range and is fantastically still one of the most popular. An addition to the range is a stunning new size; 1200 x 600mm. This new size, available in three finishes polished natural and honed, opens up fresh opportunities for an already well-used and favoured porcelain.

The Milling Barn – Legno Scolpito Old Pine

The Milling Barn is a beautiful wedding venue nestled deep in Hertfordshire. After a drive along single track roads, enjoying the rolling green countryside, you happen upon this picturesque retreat. The venue group have been specialising in weddings for 10 years and run various different venues as well as The Milling Barn. The group got in touch with Kinorigo back in 2014 asking for a natural looking tile. Their first choice was Legno Scolpito Light Oak, however the final decision was to go for a darker shade of wood. Sam, a project consultant at Kinorigo presented them with ‘old pine’ which became the final choice. This shade matches the timeless oak beams perfectly.

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