The Wood with…

pairings with porcelain wood

Today’s focus is on pairing wood porcelain with a whole myriad of options, wood is so versatile, natural and interesting so there isn’t much dressing up you have to do at all.

Let’s be honest – the natural look of wood is perfect for any setting, from the floor of the conference room in a hotel to the relaxed outside area at an urban restaurant. Kinorigo is here to help you make great design choices to pair with your wood porcelain.

Bold Colours

Don’t think about the fact that ‘brown doesn’t go with black’ or ‘red and green should never be seen’, start to embrace bold colour decisions and take your designs to the next level. Circus – a small brick like ceramic tile could be a great tile to jazz up the back wall of a cool city bar. Pair them with a light wood like Forest Fir or Ash. Forest sizes include a 1200 x 200 and an 800 x 200 plank, the Circus ceramic tiles are available in 200 x 100 meaning you can fit the two together perfectly.

Compliment A Dark Wood With A Neutral Tone

When using Corfe to cover a large reception area, you’ll be able to achieve great value engineering for your clients. This tile is as versatile as you need it to be. Hexagons, antiqued edges and mosaic tiles are just some of the available options in this porcelain range. Giving a great opportunity for an understated yet fabulous finish. Why not get a hexagon tile alongside a wood porcelain such as Legno Scolpito or Teca.

Get Rustic

There are lots of different wood options but one of our personal favourites here at Kinorigo is the rustic hardwood finishes such as Forest Olive, Teca and of course – Rustic wood. So put rustic on rustic by pairing with these tiles with a rustic concrete look like Patras or Vivente. Another brilliant feature of the Rustic Wood range are the patterned tiles to match, so if you want a funky border or entrance feature try incorporating Rustic wood shapes* or Rustic wood tapestry*.

*If you need a sample of these tiles please call us.

Marble And wood

You can never go wrong with a classic white marble. Such a wonderfully natural material can fit so well with a lovely wood tile. You could choose real marble, or one of our great marble porcelain tiles. See Technical Marble, Absolute Alps, Absolute Bianco, Absolute calacatta or Absolute statuario. Or take a browse through our natural marble tiles.

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