Porcelain for your paving

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Thick porcelain – It’s here. Strong, permanent, impervious, real stone look. 

Until now Porcelain tiles have been typically offered in a 5-12mm thickness. It’s been a possibility to use these thinner porcelains for outside purposes however, as you could only do so using traditional laying methods, this was an option that only few went for. Now the future of paving and landscape design is changing, with 2cm porcelain becoming the obvious choice. You can lay these 2cm thick tiles onto almost any surface, and they can be used for cladding too!

This amazing frost and fire resistant option can be used for large commercial outside areas – you can even drive your car over it, the tiles can resist loads over 1300kg meaning these thick porcelain tiles can also be used in areas subjected to large amounts of heavy footfall. You might be thinking, ‘what about the weather?’ well you’ll be pleased to know the tiles cannot be effected by mould or moss and are anti-slip. When, or if it snows the porcelain can easily be covered in salt and the surface will remain unaffected.

This brilliant innovative porcelain brings great opportunities. The tiles can be used for pool decks, walkways, public parks, beach resorts, industrial areas, parking, terraces and anywhere else you can think of (subject to suitability). But the basic rule of this porcelain is – if you can think of a place that needs paving, you can probably use 2cm porcelain.

The 2cm paving slabs can be laid on multiple surfaces: on screed with glue, on gravel and on grass. The slabs have been designed for dry laying using the pedestal system, which have an adjustable height meaning it’s easy to get an even surface throughout. The gaps created underneath the tiles means you can run any cables and/or pipes straight underneath them with ease, hiding any mess. This thick paving option means there is no need for grout, mortar or adhesive at all, making them extremely simple to lay and the surface can be used immediately*.

balcony’s will look great with a warm wood look porcelain, taking the inside out with a product that will last forever, whatever the weather…!

*fear not, if dry laying isn’t feasible – traditional methods can also be used!

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