Porcelain Vs Natural Stone

Porcelain tile vs natural stone tile

At Kinorigo we love to help you find the best tile choice suited to you, so to aid your decision here is an overview of the pros and cons of the porcelain vs. a natural stone tile. Let the battle commence.

What is a Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain is a man-made product – made using the fruits (not exactly bananas or pears…) of this earth. Raw materials such as clay, sand etc are combined with water and ground to sludge or liquid form. A drying process then takes place to evaporate excess water and a powdery form is left. The powder is pressed under immense pressure to form what is called the ‘biscuit’ of the tile. Some ingredients are ready for the oven straight away, others have the magical finishing touch added. These tiles are then covered in a special secret ingredient (otherwise known as a glaze) and fired in a kiln at colossal temperatures. Voila – out comes a tile. A precise and perfect firing process called ‘the heat curve’ where the tiles get vitrified (or ‘turn into glass’) is the key to good quality porcelain tiles.

What is a Natural Stone Tile?

Natural rocks are quarried from the earth, sliced with huge scary powerful saws then finished by polishing, honing, bush-hammering, tumbling, brushing and many other elaborate ways. These are cut into the right shape for your floor (or bespoke shapes, should you need them).

porcelain tile section

Pros Cons
Rarely needs sealing – During the glazing process of porcelain manufacturing, extra measures are taken to ensure the tile is ready for anything that is thrown at it, meaning most of them are frost resistant and even sticky squash resistant.The tiles can be used inside or out – try basalt for your patio.

They look like natural stone – Limestone, marble, granite and even hardwood look!

Scratch resistant

Great indoor and out

Sometimes you can get two tiles that look the same – but don’t worry, you have to have a good amount before this happens.

Cold under your bare foot (underfloor heating can fix that)

natural stone tile

Pros Cons
Simply ageless, timeless and beautiful

Elegant, durable and hard wearing

Always unique – from tile to tile

Can be cut into bespoke pieces and shapes, while keeping the colour and style the whole way through

Can be used outdoor and in – especially basalt

Great indoor and out

Natural Stone is porous, It can and will absorb any liquid substance in an instant, which can lead to stain and ruin! (don’t fret, Stainproof is the answer with a 15 year warranty)

Is easily scratched

Has to be sealed regularly, and needs to be cleaned with the proper cleaners.

Not everyone understands the beauty of Natural Stone, so it is important to understand the expectations and needs of your client first