Carradale is a private residence in Oxfordshire. The client wanted to create a beautiful home, which included a bespoke staircase and outside terrace.

We provided various samples to the client, sealed to show the different finishes available. By also providing a step-by-step brief of the process – from design to installation – the client was able to oversee his project with clarity and confidence.

Three different stones were implemented in this project. Jerusalem Gold Limestone – for the stairs and main indoor areas; Cremona Travertine – for the bathroom; and Sandstone paving – for the exterior paving. Limestone and travertine were popular building materials used in ancient Rome – from public baths to the Colosseum itself – so they evoke a sense of classic grandeur.

Templates for the project were done on-site and sent directly to the quarry. Extra slabs were brought across from the quarry so custom pieces could be manufactured at short notice.

By using a light colour scheme to enhance large spaces, our tiles created an airy, sophisticated atmosphere.

Location: Oxfordshire