Christchurch Avenue

When anyone embarks on a project they will endure the ups and downs that come naturally with the challenge. Assem is an architect working for Base Associates and it became apparent through all the meetings, phone calls, emails and site visits that he had a vision, one that we are proud to have been a part of. Kinorigo Worked with the Architect and put forward a tile suitable for the staircase – the house now boasts porcelain stairs.

Christchurch, a residential project in London for a private client, comprises a juxtaposition of classic Edwardian style with modern glass and striking grey steel – which is eye catching. This bold design compliments both a modern and classic styling throughout the property, creating a luxuriously comfortable family home.

Meetings with Assem and the client revealed the main challenge of this project: balancing the slip resistance of the tiles around the pool and external areas with the desire for a clean, consistent palette throughout the property. It was clear from discussions with Aseem and the client that the young age of his children was the driver for this concern. He didn’t want to compromise on the aesthetics, and rightly so. After further discussions we ruled out natural stone considering the low maintenance that porcelain tiles offer, and were left with a challenge.

We needed a single, contemporary porcelain tile that would add value to the property by delivering a desirable aesthetic, whilst also meeting safety requirements – Kinorigo achieved this with a porcelain tile called Zarina. Each area was assigned a different finish for enhancing the space and achieving that consistency Aseem desired. These porcelain stairs can solve a lot of problems, from stain resistance to

Location: London