Health Spa

Creative use of stone throughout this interior unites many stunning design features. This hotel upholds high standards to maintain its impressive 5-star rating.

The building design boasts a striking blend of clean lines and tasteful curves, giving a contemporary yet welcoming appearance. An inspired floor design for the main reception areas, using contrasting stone, effectively unites all areas. Moving into the sauna itself, sandblasted stone has been used to provide an extra slip-resistant floor, whilst subtle contrast shows between the main wall tiling and two infill strips.

The unique ‘cross-weave’ design on the main reception floor is a joy to look at. Liaising closely with the architect, Kinorigo worked to ensure that the project vision was completed to more than satisfactory.

Other special project requirements were expertly accommodated. Wall tiles to the pool area were cut to specified widths to match the local stone applied to exterior walls.The finished building remains a hallmark of tasteful stone design.

Complementing the stunning interiors, the exterior setting to this 5-star hotel’s recent extension is equally tasteful. Creating an area of truly prestigious yet relaxing outdoor comfort, the completed project is a product of intelligent design and application of appropriate materials.

Blending skilfully with the local setting, traditional materials are used creatively to give a finish that is impressive but soothing. Yorkstone is used throughout for paving, cobbles and even custom larger pieces cut for benches. Bespoke curved steps give the unique touch to the garden and soften the whole appearance.

The successful implementation of the curved steps concept was essential to the project, and involved Kinorigo working closely with the architect and contractor.

The finished result is as practical as it is beautiful, with the Yorkstone boasting the additional benefit of exceptional slip resistance. The success of the whole project is a tribute to the close working relationship enjoyed between parties.

Location: Bath