Jaguar Land Rover

Kinorigo supplied Ultra thin Porcelain tiles for the Jaguar Land rover exhibition in Geneva. The aim was to use this high tech flooring to enhance the look of the exhibition, the reflective surface ensured this was the case. The designer needed a strong tile suitable for Land Rovers to drive on and the ability to stand being taken apart and transported – as the motor show was one that would tour the world.

Many tests were under taken to make sure this tile was the right choice. Tests included driving a Land Rover over it (yes literally) – the set up being exactly as they would be used in the show and then the boss here at Kinorigo drove a Land Rover over them to check they wouldn’t crack – they didn’t. The staff also made sure the tiles wouldn’t get stained, so permanent marker was scrawled all over a tile and left over night, the next day it came off with just soap and hot water.

The porcelain tile they used was Panorama Suite in a lovely off white colour to compliment the vehicles displayed. These extra thin porcelain tiles come in 3 metre x 1 metre  sheets, meaning they are light, flexible and were perfect for driving a Land Rover over it.

Suitable for flooring and extremely strong this porcelain tile is engineered to perfection, see other ultra thin Porcelain Tiles here.


Location: Geneva