Magnolia House

Magnolia house, Essex London enjoys the use of one of the cleanest classiest porcelain floor tiles. Sonika boasts an attractive white surface, sometimes covered in speckles and freckles making it an extra interesting porcelain.

Magnolia house uses Sonika throughout the majority of the building, inside and out. Each area used different finishes such as bush hammered, natural, polished and honed to enhance the effect of the porcelain floor in the space. The practicality of porcelain means Magnolia house breathes logic as well as beauty. The versatility of a porcelain floor means Sonika was an easy and useful choice. The main advantage of this tile is it’s clean and classic white surface, with the chance of different finishes available you can achieve a uniformity throughout any property – just as you can see here.

The versatility with a porcelain floor shines on this property. As you can see there are step treads, pool interior and pool surround as well as an exterior tiled area. The large tiled area has a hug impact and will last for a long time, especially with the scratch resistance that comes with a porcelain tile.

Download our Technical Data for Sonika Porcelain Tiles to see the different finishes along with their slip resistance.

Location: Essex