Merchant Square

Merchant Square – a newly built and exciting area to work and to live. Situated in the hustle and bustle of London, right by Hyde Park – a highly desirable location. Kinorigo worked on the outside area for this project, providing many individually cut granite slabs. Working with Townshend Landscape Architects Kinorigo produced an outside relaxing area. Natural Granite slabs from a Spanish Quarry were used to produce the circular design specified by the architect. Each was a bespoke cut slab, angled to fit together and produce an amphitheater style seating area, with a lovely water feature laid out in loops.

Complete with drawings of each granite slab, we worked alongside the architect to achieve exactly what they needed. Merchant Square is a great new development and they have made sure everything works perfectly together. Some of the previous paving around the area are granite slabs, so Kinorigo made sure the new slabs would match exactly.

The Granite slabs have a flamed finish, the perfect choice for paving as the granite won’t become slippy when rained on. A powerful flame is fired onto the surface of the stone, causing small sections to pop off and create a rough surface.

Granite also comes with a polished finish, this can be a great option for a hotel lobby, take a look at the whole Granite range here. 

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Location: London