Rocksalt is a contemporary restaurant and bar with rooms, situated right on Folkestone harbour with views over the English Channel. The building is cantilevered over the harbour and features floor-to-ceiling windows, curved walls and a range of different stone finishes. Kinorigo helped with the steps on the outside of the building, cutting bespoke stair pieces from a lovely slate slab.

Working in partnership with the architect to provide samples and technical backup, Kinorigo supplied the exterior natural stone. Outside is a green slate for the steps and balustrade leading to the main entrance – this has a special ribbing for the corduroy paving at the base. The slate slab has been cut specially to size, to suit the requirements of the project. The lightness of the slate staircase compliments the dark wood cladding of the rest of the building. This really is a stunning piece of architecture, with the curves of the building also being mirrored on the interior too. The seated area on the patio is a perfect place to sit and sip wine while watching the beautiful sunset, enhanced by a simple design feature which is the slightly blue tint on the glass around this section, made to enhance the blueness of the sea.

The specific Slate on this project is no longer sold here at Kinorigo, but all our natural stone products can be ordered with bespoke measurements, curves, bevels, step treads and any other bespoke cut pieces needed – please enquire with your specifications. the brick floor pattern you see on this project is a Bianco Carrara marble stone.

Slate is a favourite here simply because of its unforgiving boldness in colour. Especially Midnight hand dressed – a very dark slate, almost black in colour.

Location: Folkestone