Shopping Centre

This shopping centre is a popular retail destination in Surrey and contains more than 40 retailers. The challenge here was to find a material that was easy to clean, great for walls and a good hygienic tile – so less grout the better. An extra large tile was chosen to go on the walls of this project, the large porcelain meant each tile ran from floor to ceiling.

The centre wanted to re-tile their washrooms to match their prestigious image. The designer was shown Molten Panorama – a metallic-looking porcelain tile with all the qualities needed, this grey tile was a great match for the lighting situation in the bathroom, meaning the other features could shine.

The contractor was able to carefully cut the large format tiles to minimise waste and reduce costs. Another brilliant feature of panorama porcelain is that the tiles are extra thin, this means they can still be easily lifted even with their large sizes. Molten has some lovely metallic colours in the range, and is similar to our Warehouse range. The large tile size you can see installed on this job is 3000 x 1000 with a thickness of 3.5mm.

The client was especially pleased with the result – which had produced a practical but stylish finish in the washroom.

Location: Guildford