The Pool House

This lovely residential project required a tile for the inside of the pool and one for the surround. The client decided on a classic mosaic tile for the pool, these mosiacs are extremely versatile as you can pick a number of colours and mix them as you like. For example you are able to specify the percentages of colour in each 300 x 300mm mosaic tile mix, so if you want 50% blue, 25% light blue and 25% white then so be it! Or you can even go as specific as 12%, 8%, 20% and 60%. A blue Mosaic tile is the typical choice for pools as the blue can cause the pool to look inviting and nostalgic.

The client chose a traditional limestone tile for the pool surround, this was extremely complimentary to the inside mosaic tile. The tones of the tiles mean the open space in this pool room doesn’t seem overwhelming or crowded. A limestone tile is a brilliant choice for a close proximity with water because it stands the test of time and will last for many years to come (think old style farm house with tiles as old as your great great grandma)

The large window out towards the garden means the sunshine can burst through and shine onto the limestone and the mosaics, that along with the reflection of the water makes for a very desirable pool house.

Location: Midlands