Sandstone Yorkstone

Sandstone has been used for the construction of houses and other domestic buildings since pre-historic times. The natural material continues to be used for a whole number of applications still today. Sandstone is relatively soft, meaning it is incredibly easy to carve – it has long been used for creating statues and ornamental fountains.

Today Sandstone is commonly seen as paving slabs, especially on the streets of London. It is a popular stone for patios and pool surrounds, so this month we want to show you the beauty and functionality of Sandstone

Firstly, take a look at this lovely residential project we worked on a few years back. The house is in the heart of the lovely Canterbury countryside, the Yorkstone patio covers a large area at the back, wrapping all around the house and including numerous step pieces, some of which are curved. At the front of the property a small amount of reclaimed Sandstone was laid. The slabs are especially made to look as though they have been there for decades. On the surface of the slabs are chisel marks and little holes, all part of the manufacturing process and all done by hand to enhance the look. When these first arrived on site the main contractor was a bit worried about how they would look, we urged him to just lay the slabs to see for himself – once they were down he grew to love them and all their uniqueness, and now he even says it couldn’t have been anything else.

The natural Yorkstone on this residential project was chosen especially for that customer, although we don’t have this exact stone as a regular supply see below for a list of other brilliant Sandstones available to try.

Windsor buff blue

Windsor Buff Blue Yorkstone is full of character, with a random but natural mix of Blue and Buff it looks brilliant as a relaxing outdoor area for a spa, or the thick slabs can be perfect for pool surrounds.

Windsor Buff Blue Yorkstone Technical Data

Windsor Buff

Windsor Buff Yorkstone is the warmer shade of the Windsor Buff Blue, as you can see from the image above this is a typical Sandstone often seen around London and can be great for durable step treads. This Sandstone provides a classic English look.

Windsor Buff Technical Data

Harvest Buff

Another traditional yellow Sandstone – this one doesn’t come from Yorkshire, but still looks brilliant in the random length sizes seen above.
Harvest Buff Technical Data

Heritage Buff

Lastly the Heritage Buff Sandstone, ready for anything and a brilliant option when you need a bespoke window surround or curved bullnose step tread.

Heritage Buff Sandstone Technical Data

Contact us if you need any other bespoke Sandstone options.
Finally the news you’ve been waiting for! Recently the team here at Kinorigo went for a day out in Yorkshire to see a Yorkstone quarry and bring back loads of information to tell you! Though the wind was freezing and the ground churned into slushy mud, we donned wellies and high viz jackets and braved the cold! Here are some images from the trip, if you need any more information on Sandstone and Yorkstone, don’t hesitate to call us: