Porcelain Vanity Units

porcelain vanity units

When looking for a vanity unit we know you need a few great qualities to get the most from your projects – so we’ve come up with some solutions for you. A wall hung vanity can be something you might worry about sourcing – but you’re covered. Kinorigo is always happy to provide you with the extra expertise you need, be it drawings, design suggestions or installation tips. Choosing a vanity can be difficult but read on for some great tips.

Value Engineering

To order a vanity unit from Kinorigo the best thing to do is to get in touch and talk about your needs with one of our project consultants. It is also a good idea to have a browse through the website and see which tiles you’re interested in. The vanity units can be made from any tile you see on the site, so the largest size in the range you’ve chosen is the largest your vanity can be. With an interest in value engineering your projects it’s always more cost effective to order our vanity units in larger quantities, and the lower the cost of the tile you choose the lower the cost of the each vanity*.

Please see our standard vanity sizes on the website.

*Manufacturing costs are calculated on a project by project basis, make sure you get a full quote from us to see the extent of these.

Tile Choice

Some porcelain tiles are full bodied and some are printed. For a full bodied tile the colour of the tile runs all the way through the body of each, however a printed tile will have a generic colour throughout. When the tiles are cut and beveled for a vanity unit this inside colour can easily be seen. For a full bodied tile this works perfectly and the tiles are finished during manufacturing with a neat mitred edge. A printed tile will be resined together on the edges with the appropriate colour resin.

Mounting Your Vanity Unit

While your vanity is being manufactured we will always discuss mounting options with you. Brackets are added to each vanity before they are delivered to you, so all you’ll need to do when your delivery gets to site is fix it securely to the wall**.

**This will depend on the strength of the wall you are mounting to and the method used. This will need to be approved by Kinorigo.


Stay tuned for a blog post on basin options for your vanity unit.


All you need to do is pick a tile, pick a size, pick a basin and pick a tap – and you’re there, a wall hung vanity unit made from porcelain could also match the wall or the floor. The design posibilities are endless.

Samples from our website are free of charge, however a project consultant will need to be in touch with you before these are sent out. So make sure you put down a reliable phone number or your samples may not arrive!