Our Mission

"To achieve the Common goal of removing Conflict in Construction through Communication, Collaboration and Consideration. Being the Catalyst for excellence."

Our vision

"Creating world class front of house areas, within the Hotel and High-end Residential sector, where people Live. Design."

Our Values


"When you pour passion into your work, everything has more value, it gives meaning and it guarantees quality."


"Every project is different. New, innovative ideas and concepts are needed to complete a job successfully."


"Passion cannot be expressed without enthusiasm. It is a fire that drives our efforts to complete the task at hand."


"The key to completing a project to the best possible standard requires constant communication and follow-up between us and our clients throughout every stage of a project."


"It is the cornerstone of interior design. Colour palettes, textures and patterns must first be imagined in a space before they can be brought to life."


"When buying stone or porcelain, the ability and deliver them when required consistently throughout a project is extremely import."

Why Choose Us?

By choosing to work with us on your project, you’ll receive meaningful planning & design advice, with reliable support from our passionate project management team.

Our unique range of products includes the very finest natural and man-made stone to suit your exact specifications. Plus, we have a range of designer porcelain furniture so our clients can incorporate luxury design into new and exciting spaces.