Bespoke Marble and historic tapestries

How far can your imagination go

How far can your imagination go?

Recently a project at 16 St James’s Street London (just around the corner from the Ritz), required a very special bespoke splash back. Kinorigo was proud to be involved in the project so here is the story… Firstly, take a look at the spectacular finished product in the image below.

Finished Piece

So how do these beautiful pieces of stonework come into being?

Having been recommended by the washroom company Maxwood Washrooms, Kinorigo started work to find a solution for the feature piece in the lavatories of this wonderful project – the splash back. Keeping in regular contact with the client revealed exactly what was required of the design. If you’ve walked around this area of London you’ll easily see how much history is stored in the architecture, any designer will know this can be the force that sparks great design ideas. The front of 16 St James’s  has an interesting stone carving of a lions head complete with wreath, see image below. Alternatively you can travel over to 16 St James’s street and look upwards (or just use google maps street view).

Lions head

The client wanted to incorporate a replica of the lion wreath seen in the picture for the bespoke splash back. From Portuguese Limestone to Carrara Italian Marble many natural stone options were discussed, Marble came out as the chosen option because it has stood the test of time, over and over again.

To get the most accurate reading of the original lions head a 3D scan was taken with a laser measure, a mesh was then created in order to form a design similar to the original.  This mesh was then taken and made into a plaque. The design was presented to the architect and the client and together, the final piece was created.

The splash backs were then hand carved and finished beautifully. This was collected and transported in bespoke crates, before being taken to site by Kinorigo and finally installed tying the whole project together.

Geometric and tapestry

The Tapestry of years gone by has not completely disappeared; it is coming to you as a modern creation.

A long time ago, many years before you were born, Britain’s History was spread out in magnificent imagery on tapestries and murals. These pictures show scenes of wealth and poverty or sights of peace and war.  The fascinating artwork shed light on the way people dressed, entertained themselves and even the weapons they used. Britain is indebted to the talented artists who worked years ago to create these masterpieces. Being an important part of English Heritage, the tapestry has never been far away and has now made it’s way back. This time without the painstakingly slow intricate progress of before, it now presents itself in the form of a porcelain tile.

Far from the historic story telling images from before these tiles show the elegant floral patterns of the Tudor times, along with the interesting texture of the threads. This lovely range of Rustic wood tiles follows the term rustic throughout the Tapestry tiles too. They give the impression of an old rug that has been worn over time, but still has the colours bursting through.

Rustic Wood Tapestry could become an important of your project, to create a feature wall, to add character or create a traditional look. You can create your piece of artwork naturally, and with ease, no more slaving over tapestry threads for hours on end!

The Rustic Wood range also includes geometric tiles, which are modern and interesting. Take a look:

Rustic Wood Shapes

blue tapestry red tapestry



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