The beauty of natural stone and porcelain lies in the timeless elegance they impart to any design. A contemporary modern interior combines design simplicity with a depth of character accessible only by using the finest materials.

Central to our use of materials is the concept of continuity through design. Examples of this can be seen below.


A continuous design allows the eye to wander unimpeded through a space without disruptions or visual breaks. Our tiles can be used on floors, walls and furniture, the effect being an uncluttered and sophisticated design with a feeling of harmony, rest and strength.

It is the distinctive quality of our materials that allows them to be used in this way. Each batch of natural stone, every hand designed porcelain tile, is unique – which is why we speak of materials having a character or temperament.

round bath in marble bathroom
marble bathroom sink

Tiny veins, variations and imperfections in stone tiles allow them to capture light and colour in a specific way. In a continuous design, different but complementary materials can be used side-by-side to create a seamless effect, the continuity coming from similarities in hue, colour or texture. In other designs, a sense of flow comes not from primary colour but from other characteristics in the stone, such as seams of quartz crystal within granite or marble.

Our passion for design comes from a deep respect for the rare and irreplaceable materials we source for our clients. Continuity through design allows these materials to speak for themselves, giving each design element a unique character while binding the whole together in a single design narrative.

The video below gives more information on how we help clients choose the best materials for their design brief.



Front Of House

Some of the most spectacular uses of luxury materials can be found in front of house areas. Continuity through design using natural stone or porcelain creates a powerful brand statement, leaving a lasting impression on visitors. Our materials are meticulously selected to match our clients’ vision, giving an atmosphere of stability and permanence to luxury commercial design.

front of house stairs with plant
front of house orange seating area