Hotel Interior Design Trends in 2018

The hotel industry is rapidly evolving, with exciting new trends shaping the look, feel and experience of staying in a hotel. As a hotelier, it can be a challenge to stay abreast of these changes, which is why we’ve taken the time to identify the key trends which will be the defining hotel interior design trends in 2018.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic (which means love of nature) design, is set to be one of the most significant hotel interior design trends of 2018. This trend brings the outdoors in, and incorporates the natural world into the design of your hotel.

There are many ways to implement biophilic design into your hotel, including the use of furniture built from natural materials, fabrics which use natural patterns, floors and walls using natural stone, ample natural lighting, and plenty of greenery, including both artificial and real plants.

Smart Rooms

The Internet of Things has developed at an alarming pace in the past couple of years, with virtual assistants, smart lights and even wi-fi kettles commonplace in many homes across the country. Is your hotel up to date with the smart trend? If not, 2018 is the time to start.

In the most advanced smart hotels, guests are able to control everything from room temperature to room service all from personalised tablets, allowing guests to rent a movie or dim the lights with no more than a swipe of the finger.

Home Away From Home

Even in the most luxurious of surroundings, we can find ourselves yearning for the simple comforts of home. Which is why, in 2018, trend-led hoteliers will be incorporating home-style comforts into their designs.

By moving away from the monotony of the uniformly designed room, hotels can offer a more a personalised, homely, experience to their guests. Variations in layout, handmade goods, homespun textures, natural stone floors, and mix-and-match-furniture help to provide a sense of comfort and familiarity which many hotel rooms, no matter how luxurious, will struggle to match. Moreover, the more comfortable and ‘at home’ guests feel in their rooms, the more likely they are to stay for extended periods.

Rethinking The Lobby

The lobby is the face of your hotel and is often the first interaction people have with it. First impressions often prove lasting, so the lobby should be designed to reflect the overarching mood and personality of the hotel. This can be achieved by simply selecting a stunning stone or porcelain floor finish, or an impressive porcelain reception desk to give the ‘wow’ factor to your guests upon check-in.

One of the prevailing hotel interior design trends of 2018 will be to rethink the purpose and style of the lobby. Similar to the ‘Home Away From Home’ trend, many hotel lobbies will be re-designed to be more welcoming and inviting, and less austere. These spaces will be more like living rooms, rather than business function venues, incorporating informal front desks, comfortable, coffee-shop style sofas, contemporary coffee tables, and hot drink making facilities.

Here at Kinorigo we have over 30 years of experience in helping large-scale, luxury hotel projects bring their designs to life. Whether it’s beautiful marble bathroomsporcelain furniture pieces or natural stone floors and walls that you need, we’ll help you to match the very finest natural and man-made finishes and furniture for your hotel interior design that will encourage your guests to return time after time.

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