New Porcelain Tiles – Patterns Patterns Patterns!

bowl of soap ontop of patterned porcelain tiles

Introducing two of Kinorigo’s newest Porcelain Tile ranges, both excellent for any scenario. We think they would look stunning in a funky bar and even a classy hotel.

Terra Firma is a lovely new Terracotta look porcelain tile, not only does it come in 6 interesting colours but also in 9 individually patterned tiles. The Terra Firma Atmosphere designs are simple, yet when put together can produce wonders.

These striking patterns could be called Moroccan with their exquisite colours, combine a patterned splash back with a stone sink and achieve a beautiful authentic look. The colours within each pattern work perfectly well with the solid colour tiles, and with both patterns and solid colours coming in a 20 x 20 tile (other sizes available in the solid colours) you can mix them as you wish. Purchase the Atmosphere tiles as a mixed box with all 9 designs included or simply pick the ones you like and order them separately.

Achieve a rustic look with these porcelain tiles along with all the other qualities you get with a porcelain tile.  Terra Firma could brighten up any space, no matter how void of natural light it is. These porcelain tiles are designed to bring character without overwhelming the space, and with prices starting as low as £21 per metre squared, you simply don’t want to miss this.
Another benefit to these tiles is they are designed to fit perfectly with our wood porcelain Legno Scolpito tiles. Being the same size as the width of the wood look porcelain you can mix the two to add a bit of personality.
Terra Firma samples are available to pre-order, we also have an interactive technical sheet full of useful information including all available patterns – just drop us an email to request one.

terracotta look porcelain tiles

Another of our newest ranges ‘Patras’ has some exciting features. From fashionable hexagon shapes and retro patterns to a terracotta look, available not only orange but in other interesting colours too.
Porcelain Tiles are a perfect choice for any family home, commercial area and even outside areas. With the look of beautiful natural stone you’ll also be able to reap the benefits of the naturally slip resistant and durable surface that comes with a porcelain tile. Made to withstand the most demanding of situations these terracotta look tiles won’t just offer practicality but also an opportunity to brighten up any project.

The retro hexagon designs within the range are designed to match the solid colour tiles, this means you can go wild with a ‘mix ‘n’ match’ feature wall. Patras comes in five different solid colours, a significant benefit bearing in mind natural terracotta only comes in the classic orange. So if you love the look of terracotta but wish you had a colour to match your style or design then pre-order yourself a Patras sample.

The builders, tile layers and architects among you will be amazed to hear this tile also comes in an 80 x 80 size, helping you fit around any obstacles. Along with the retro patterns you could do an entire wall in solid colour hexagon tiles to achieve a subtle but interesting feature for your bathroom (because yes, these can also be used for wet areas). Send us an email request for the technical information on Patras, including all available sizes and see all 22 different patterns in the range.

If you’re feeling especially brave why not get yourself a sample of our wood look porcelain to try alongside the Patras?