Oxford Street – London

“Execution at Oxford Street’

Oxford Street hasn’t always been a mecca for those wanting to indulge their passion for spending. This stretch of world-famous retail outlets, situated on what was formally known as the Tyburn Rd was for several hundred years, the scene a ghastly national pastime. It was here, next to where Marble Arch is now situated, that the masses would excitedly gather to watch the condemned die.

seating area with wooden paneling opposite lifts

Prisoners condemned to execution by the state, left Newgate Prison and journeyed through Holborn and St Giles, stopping momentarily enroute to imbibe strong liquor; (a small mercy afforded to those prisoners hoping to dullen their senses) before finally arriving at the gallows on the corner of Bayswater Rd and Oxford Street. Having arrived at the place of execution, the condemned found themselves in front of a crowded and raucous square; London’s elite paid big money to sit on the stands erected for the occasion, offering the most unobstructed view.

Fast forward 300 years and thankfully you’ll find a much more pleasant and humane environment. Overlooking this particular stretch of the old Tyburn Rd, now stands one of London’s most profitable fashion retailers, Primark. Adorning the building’s frontage is a beautiful Limestone Façade, complete with 12 cleverly designed light boxes.

primark stone building oxford street

Working alongside ESA Architects and Galliard Construction, Kinorigo helped to design and construct this stunning addition to London’s west-end retail sector. The façade, now proudly cloaking its Victorian substructure, is firmly fixed to its stainless-steel frame with over 1000 re-enforced steel bolts.

Kinorigo supplied both the limestone façade and stainless-steel fixing system. The stone was quarried and skilfully crafted in Portugal, the fixing system designed and manufactured here in the UK.

Neatly hidden behind this stylish façade is a stunning high-end residential development. Spanning six floors, the complex comprises of penthouse apartments, private terraces and rooftop gardens. Kinorigo supplied and installed over 2000m2 of natural stone encompassing communal walkways, private gardens, internal corridors & stairs, lift lobbies and concierge areas.

natural stone outdoor tiles in geometric shapes

corridor with white brick wall and natural stone floor

The natural stone was carefully cut and finely calibrated with minimal tolerance, enabling a seamless finish across the entire project. This attention to detail and standard of excellence exemplifies what Kinorigo stands for and constantly strives to achieve.

natural stone detailing

No longer home to the baying crowds of bloodthirsty Londoners, Oxford Street is now a place for fashion hungry cosmopolitans and tourists from all over the world. Next time you’re casually shopping down Oxford Street, keep your eye out for the plaque that marks the very spot on which the gallows used to sit.

tyburn tree plaque for gallows

“Since laws were made for every degree, to curb vice in others as well as in me, I wonder we hadn’t better company ‘Neath Tyburn Tree” – John Gay, The Beggars Opera

Follow the project link below to see the stunning complex that hides behind this historic part of London’s West end. kinorigo.com/projects/oxford-street