Residential Flooring Ideas: Add a Touch of Luxury With Porcelain Tiles

Floors today offer a world of possibilities, and this means that interior design is becoming ever more agile, creative, and driven to explore new statements.

The imagination of design has never before made such an impact.

One of the reasons for this is that digital printing capabilities can bring ideas to life. Here are some of the ways that porcelain tile technology has been transforming that most vital of all spaces: the home.


Some of the most influential uses of space are drawn from the inside-outside concept.

In design terms, inside-outside means “creating narratives that flow seamlessly between nature and interiors, offering powerful harmonization and atmosphere”.

In practical terms, this can have two meanings. It either refers to giving a room ‘outdoor’ characteristics, such as stone floors, or it means blending an outdoor space with an indoor space – such as by having the same tiles and themes in both areas – to make the space feel larger.

When skillfully achieved, the result can bring movement, energy, and gently shifting textures. The results are vivid, sensual, and refreshing.

One of the traditional challenges for inside-outside projects has been the limitations of materials. In the case of flooring, many designs call for natural materials, such as stone or wood.

Porcelain tiles respond to these demands by offering detailed textures. Unlimited in their capacity to realise the minute complexities of colour, refraction, and tone, porcelain brings these design statements into the realm of the possible.

pool with jacuzzi and tall white ceilings and big windows

Travel Through The Imagination

The sun-drenched terracotta of a Provençale terrace, lavender perfuming the afternoon heat;

The polished marble of an Italian villa, with the artistic grandeur of classical design;

The warmth of wood, solid and comforting in the candle-lit afternoon of a Scandinavian winter.

Through interior design, we travel to distant shores and visit the sensations crafted by generations of thinkers who have transformed houses into stunning homes. To step into a room is to be transported into a landscape. This means that in today’s design, the power is in the detail.

Whether the need is for artisan tiles that look as though they have been handmade in the local pottery, or for striking granite that sparkles in the iridescence of dramatic lighting, porcelain brings the world to the designer’s fingertips.

large entry area with porcelain floor and piano

Luxury and Practicality

Porcelain has some uniquely practical properties that can ensure that the tone of luxury continues indefinitely. One of the most durable materials, porcelain does not easily crack, warp, or wear down. Impervious to water, it’s very hard to stain and does not easily fade. For these reasons, porcelain is also very straightforward to clean.

In other words, porcelain is an effortless way to keep a space looking endlessly smart. This means that the vision of the original concept keeps performing long after the architects and designers have left.

The result is a statement that withstands the rigours of time. Long-lived and trustworthy, porcelain tiles are not just a way of creating luxury, they are a way of ensuring that it lasts.

bath against feature wall and walk in shower behind

Inspiring Design For Inspired Places

Today’s interior designers work in one of the most inspiring eras. Today, the concept can start with the foundational atmosphere of a space. Whether the aim is to create an earthy harmony, a geometric statement, or an infusion of light and texture, porcelain tiles can transform the feel of residential spaces.

At Kinorigo, we are dedicated to sharing our passion for infusing residential spaces with quality, luxury, and creativity. If you are as inspired about design as we are, please get in touch.