The Wentworth Estate

In 1922, a builder by the name of W.G Tarrant acquired the development rights for the Wentworth Estate in Virginia Water. 10 Years earlier, Mr. Tarrant had successfully developed the St Georges Hill Estate in Weybridge, creating a beautifully landscaped private estate wherein city bankers could unwind and enjoy the idyllic countryside. Now looking to repeat the successes of his previous endeavour, Mr. Tarrant enlisted the help of Harry Colt, a renowned golf course architect, known for his meticulous attention to detail and cleverly designed routing system.

driveway leaving to house with trees and grass

Mr. Tarrant was busily forging ahead with constructing the estate when a crippling, economic depression gripped Europe. Partially triggered by soldiers returning from WW1, the civilian labour force experienced an unprecedented surge, subsequently, unemployment rose and with-it, household incomes stagnated. To further worsen matters, agricultural commodity prices slumped and all hopes of post-war recovery faded into oblivion. Tarrant was forced to abandon his beloved estate and declare bankruptcy. Sir Lindsay Parkinson bought the land and construction picked up in the late 1930s. Good progress was made until Europe, once again, found itself embroiled in war. It wasn’t until the early 1960’s that Mr. Tarrant’s original vision for the Wentworth Estate, finally came to fruition.

golf course

Today, the Wentworth Estate is flourishing. Synonymous with luxury, sophistication and wealth, high net worth individuals flock here from all over the globe. The estate is conveniently located just outside the M25 motorway, cloaked in dense woodland, residents enjoy seclusion and privacy, whilst still being able to swiftly access the city of London, a mere 25 miles away.

Birthplace of the Ryder Cup and home to the annual PGA golf tournament, the estate sees a high influx of visitors from all over the world. The Wentworth Golf club has three championship courses and is owned by Chinese conglomerate Reignwood. The company is owned by Chanchai Ruayrungruang, who has a personal fortune of £6.6bn, making him the 10th richest person in China.

wentworth house lit up

A property that commands a £20m price tag quite expectantly deserves a sumptuous interior finish. Supplying precious marbles from around the world, Kinorigo has perfected the craft of 1st class stone installation, meeting and exceeding the uncompromisingly high standards of Britain’s wealthiest.  The team at Kinorigo have to date completed several luxury projects on the Estate, from the famed Wentworth Golf club to a number of its surrounding mansions.

Here is a collection of project images from properties on and around the estate that Kinorigo have recently worked on.

entrance with spiral staircase and marble flooring

marble spiral staircase with light feature

back of wentworth house

pool room open to garden

seating area next to pool

indoor pool with gym

large kitchen dining area with kitchen island and light features

jacuzzi next to pool with sauna

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